The start of the journey

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog for a while, yet it has been the very reason for wanting to write one that has held me back. Confidence. Do I write well enough? Do I have anything interesting to say? What are the consequences of opening oneself up for all to see online? And so on and so on….

Yet I want to improve my confidence, both in writing and in sharing my thoughts and ideas with a wider audience as both are crucial to completing a PhD, yet both of which I lack. So here I am. I figure undertaking a PhD is all about challenging oneself. So I am challenging myself to keep a blog and in doing so I hope, somewhere along the way, that my confidence will improve and my writing develop. It’s a journey and I’m just at the beginning.

Ideally I would like to blog about my research; thought provoking posts about disability and critical analyses of current affairs. But I am not there yet. I don’t feel I know enough, think critically enough or indeed write well enough!  So instead I shall be writing about what I do know and what I learn as I go along. I envisage it being a mishmash of PhDness and personal life, for as a first time home owner and first time dog owner, not to mention moving to a completely new part of the country, a lot of learning is also going on outside of the PhD!

So here we go…

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