To give a little context…

I’m a first year PhD student, in my early thirties, exploring learning disability and ‘transition to adulthood’, a phrase I hope to challenge as my research develops. I’m fortunate to be fully funded and  studying full time – a strange state of being which is taking some getting used to.

Back when the pup was little!

Starting the PhD was a catalyst for change, for in order to take up the opportunity, myself and my boyfriend left London and moved to the edge of the Peak District; an area we loved from camping trips and from walking the Pennine Way, yet an area where we knew no-one. However, not wanting to do things by half, we decided to buy a house (in an area we had driven through once) and a dog (and not just a little dog but a great big bouncy Old English Sheepdog) so this is our life right now. It’s challenging yet exciting and a lot of learning is going on both in and out the PhD. But that’s adulthood right?

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